Termite Control Services
We do conventional and baiting systems.

Conventional treatment is a method of trenching foundation, drilling of slab joints between slabs (patios, driveways, etc.). Placing a chemical barrier around the foundation and inside bathrooms to eliminate subterranean termites.

For the baiting system, we use the Sentricon Termite Colony
Elimination System. This bait control is an excellent termite control
service, especially for preventative measures for newer homes that
have yet to be infested.

Worried About Termites?
Here are some answers to common questions.

Can I tell if I have termites?
Unless there are obvious signs of active infestations, you probably wonít detect termites because they feed hidden from view. Signs include discarded wings, wood that sounds hollow when tapped, cracked or bubbling paint and termite droppings that look like sawdust (frass). You may also see mud tubes that look like this.

Does spotting a termite swarm mean itís too late?
If you see a termite swarm in or around your house, or find discarded wings from swarmers, call us immediately.

What do termites feed on?
They feed on cellulose-based material that includes wood, books, boxes, furniture and drywall. And termites can tunnel hundreds of feet through the soil to reach food.

Why are termites such a threat to my home?
Termite colonies work 24 hours a day, and infestations can go undiscovered until serious damage is done. Because homeowners insurance typically does not cover termite damage, termite detection and continued treatment are the best ways to exterminate these pests and truly protect your investment in your property.

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